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vided into primary or idiopathic and secondary. The
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64. M. Pfeffer: Ber. d. Siichs. Akad. der Wis.. 1891, 8. 24.
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Mastoiditis, acute, (07) 1409 of 'e^horo W^ r 104 ) 920
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in thes^ eases the affection is almost always associated with bronchitis or
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portion by numerous adhesions. The right tube contained
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general practitioner where he has sent for the sur-
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pregnant, stated that she had become greatly debihtated by the excessive loss
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summary of the effects on the skin of the administration of
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breast, but also of as much of the surrounding tis-
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and motion, is not incompatible with sexual passion and procreative
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drops; roll it. flat on an oiled marble slab, and cut it into very
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avail themselves of the possible chance of recovery. In fact, the
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If sugar is present, fermentation results with the evolution of
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: v v. A youngwoman,livingnearlyoppositetheBristolInfirm-
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ond portion and the junction of the second and third
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the heart. And so they are for acute rheumatism, irrespective
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on the Therapeutic use of Alcohol. There then follow nine articles upon treat-
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tion, the use of the microscope, and of chemical tests at the bedside.
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uterus was specially developed in the latter months, while the
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deemed by medical writers as worthy of the highest praise,
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The following conclusions were arrived at : Apolysin is well borne,
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enlarged blood-vessels shrink, and the blood sinuses become occluded.