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xxxvi, .347-3.52. . Typho-malarial fever. Ibid., 1886,

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but few words. It, however, affords me the opportu-

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•'The senses at first seemed more acute, both light and noise annoyed her ;

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This is called myopia , or near-sightedness, because it is necessary

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The more one sees of hernia, and especially of femoral hernia, the

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haring and Winckler. This organism was supposed to be short lived

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also were cured with the cautery. But he went-on and

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y the college graduate, who was a student of bacteriology.

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lamina of the mesentery. They are called Peyer's Glands, after

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tho lower border of the stomach, and completely covers tho in-

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conceive that there are no materialists at all. Nevertheless, we are

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associated, in part at least, with the equilibrium be-

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into the urine under the form of paraamidophenol and para-

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12, Excision of Elbow-joint. — Mr. Sr.ME states {Lancet, April 19th, 1856), that

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For any scientific investigation, funds must be raised to remunerate

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Providence for the Year 1875. By Edwin M. Snow, M. D.

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the Rolandic area and a portion of the posterior cortex. In passing

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on cholera and the comma-bacillus, delivered at the Im-

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name, "splenic fever." The liver is also enlarged, and is yel-

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Extraperitoneal Dermoid Cyst (Suppurating). By H. A. Lediard, M.D. ... 253

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occasionally presenting itself, of distinguishing smallpox from its

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on and the eye is used for new objects in study, and especially

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The first of the following series of observations was made

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actual, or metallic cautery. But its effects, according to the

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courts as a matter for study and decision, but it may eventually

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Tumor has been recognized in a relatively small proportion of cases of

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four clinics, for the janitor, and for the faculty, besides a large dispen-