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only be obtained by reviving the old organizations, or establishing new
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takes place along the line of puncture. At first it is white, and only
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proved to be a pajiilloma with contents partly fluid. A
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Treatment. — Acetate of lead, by the mouth, with opium, or
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geon treatment of tuberculosis, hanging in locomotor
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tion of urea is to be regarded as the conversion of ammonium salts into
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L2) GuNN AND Chavasse: Proc. R. Soc, Lxxxvi, 192, 1913.
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in the government, both as regards her domestic and
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may be necessary to continue this medicine for eight or ten days, or
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contrary, and according to others, identical ( ?) with those of strych-
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of temperature, and patient put under the influence of chloroform.
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The section shows nothing which could be interpreted as
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ance, to be mentioned farther on, and must, therefore, be recognised
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junctiva, in whole or in part, is slightly elevated, and the eyeball
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result in 14 experiments, and concludes that the case reported
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Kerlin of Media, Pa., is the secretary. If it be true that in the United States
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through the base of a large central corneal ulcer which had
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and sex do not influence the rate. Sabrazes, the originator of this method found
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with poverty, with the shortcomings of others and with her
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and was somewhat excessive, and there was ankle-clonus on
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glands, and parts around them, swell so as to rise half a line or a line
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tion is made to the base of the wound, and so on, until the
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position of these highly important subjects, and includes studies of
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do have cases of incomplete sac in hernise of the bladder, cecum, and
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2. All the excreta of the patient should be rendered innocuous by the
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1. Cheyne-Stokes respiration, which is characterized by the
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No. 2. (Extensive Case of Psoriasis.) This is a plain case of psori-
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clearly indicated than in typhus fever. It is in determining
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cell it is not uncommon to find in the small blood vessels large cells
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the paroxysm. A ssafoetida, dracontium, or skunk-cabbage, and the Indian
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later. Those placed in the nonsterile earth died very promptly
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The symptoms of hydrorhachis, compUcated with partial spina
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ly arrested. But, on the other hand, in cases of profuse