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furnish.d hv Sh. rrin..'ton and (iraham lirown- ti'iidm- to show that

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engine; 13 tanks, 12 feet by 6 feet; presses; vats, in which oils, tallow, and grease

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or readjustment of the disabled civilian. It is quite

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dust. Artificial light was used. The floors of the killing room were being cleaned at the

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than through their agents. Furthermore, if the representative of

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I'll'i lis, lillt lllsu siiiililt.ineiiiisly iiil|:ienee tile ,ii|l eiiiils in sllell II liiJlll-

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perforation of the gallbladder is almost 25 per cent.

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the motion regarding the report of the Coordinating

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the source of which cannot be deduced from the writings of Luschka,

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and Missouri, details of work for eradication of cattle tick, 1906 105

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justified by the practice of any but a few surgeons

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admit swine products if they were certified to as free from trichinae.

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ing of hybrids between the Grfivy zebra and the mare. The Zoo-

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.„,.,•„„,„„,,,„,,„,„„•,„.>,„•,!„. l.o,hMlia, i^. .iH' .a-l,au.sn,s ul„,-l,

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If bighead is a microbic affection — ^and it certainly has many of

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Oregon, California, Utah, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana and

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The following-described meats or meat-food products have been inspected and passed

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cattle shall have been inspected, found free of infection, and a written permit for the

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dition in which the basic radicles in the blood are relatively increased

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our most sincere condolences in his hour of grief, and, further

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separated from their mothers within twenty-four hours after birth

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in no other way, and they have long been the object of derisive and

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The case of Povis, mentioned by Marsh, Happich and Weber, is the

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Fig. 2. — A greatly enlarged island of Langerhans, actual

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health of the city of Chicago had no written or printed regulations governing the inspec-

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process, whether they are inert, only slightly toxic,

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duction. The first egg was laid by the hypophysis-fed chicks when they

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located that odors may not drift into them from toilet rooms, catch

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enactments by tribes, by municipalities, States, and national gov-

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biol., ser. 10, t 5, no. 15, p. 474-477. Paris, May 6, 1898.

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in the affirmative. Unfortunately the information obtained in this

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fDiiiiatidii (K-ciii-s, <;iviii<r whiit iiiny lie rcirfiidcd jis an imidazolo deriva-

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mentioned above, which was liberated by the large number of cells

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cardiac muscle of various animals, including, in certain cases, man

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feeders or to the abattoirs of other cities not having Federal inspection. The rigorous

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lives in packs and each individual craves association with other indi-

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Yarious component parts from the products liberated. Are these sys-